Outdoor&Sports Gifts

How to order
Steps in service
1.Minimum production time of each product category
* Total time to make logo. If no logo is faster 5-10 days.
Category Minimum production (pieces) Lead time Category Minimum production (pieces) Lead time
1. Wholesale price 100 (mixed 20 / item) 7-15 days 10.Mirror gift set 300 35-45 days
2.Wholesale - logo 200 (not mixed). 15-20 days 11.Glass, plastic portable 1000 35-45 days
3.Quick Order 100 15-18 days 12.GIFT SET in 300 35-45 days
3.USB Flashdrive 100 15-20 days 13.Plastic Ice 500 40-50 days
4.Power Bank 100 15-20 days 14.Illuminated ice bucket 100-200 35-45 days
5.Card Box 300 35-45 day 15.Mug glow 300-500 35-45 days
6.Leather basket 300 45-60 days 16.Leather Mirror 500 35-45 days
7.Bag 1000 35-45 days 17.Diary note 500 35-45 days
8.backpack 500 35-45 days 18.umbrella 200-500 20-35 days
9.Cosmetic Bag 500 35-45 days 19.Mug Water Bottle 500-1000 35-45 days
How to Order
Step 1
Messaging clients come to us
  • Contact Form or Email: Sale@plusenterprise.com
  • Phone: +855 12 333 488
  • code
  • Order
  • logo
  • The use(Usually takes 3-6 weeks production).
Step 2
  • The company announced a price or quotation via email ---> clients sign a bid to confirm your order. And deposit (if any)
Step 3
The company sends the customer a confirmation before producing artwork examples:
  • confirmed artwork
Step 4
The company produces a 1 piece -> client sample confirmation--> The company produced and delivered to customers within the agreed time.
Step 5
Check the product that is required by the agreement or not.
Step 6
Customers pay the agreed price
If there is a problem or damage
Contact customer care after the sale, call 012 333 488.
Manage staff immediately
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