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OEM USB Flash Drive
Jelwery USB Flash Drive
Leather Premium USB Flash Drive, promotional leatjer USB flash drive
Product Code : GM004 (4GB)

Material : Crystal, alloy, USB

Capacity :4GB

Packageing : Free paper box Code PPB-4

Lead Time: 30 Days (After Deposit Payment)

Warrenty : 3 years Warrenty

* Free 1 spot 1 Color Logo Screening
* For more enquiry please kindly fill in the form below (indicating the premium code) and we will get back to you very shortly :)
WSN-591 Car Shaped Diamond USB Flash Drive
WSN-590 Slippers Diamond USB 2.0 Flash
WSN-589 Jewelry Fish Shaped USB Disk
WSN-588 Swan Diamond USB Flash Stick
WSN-587 Diamond USB Flash Memory
WSN-586 Diamond Jewelry USB Flash Disk
WSN-585 Jewelry USB Flash Memory
WSN-584 Diamond USB Flash Disk
WSN-583 Bracelet Diamond USB Flash Drive
WSN-583 Diamond USB 2.0 Flash Drive
WSN-582 Diamond USB Flash Memory
WSN-581 Animal jewelry USB Flash Memory
WSN-580 Fish jewelry USB Flash Disk
WSN-579 jewelry USB Flash Disk
WSN-578 Stone jewelry USB Flash Drive
WSN-577 Peanut Diamond USB Flash Drive
WSN-576 Flower diamond USB 2.0 Drive
WSN-575 Mask jewelry USB 2.0 Flash
WSN-574 Diamond USB 2.0 Flash Disk with
WSN-573 jewelry USB 2.0 Flash Drive
WSN-572 Fish Shaped jewelry USB Memory
WSN-571 Diamond jewelry USB Memory Disk
WSN-570 Fruit jewelry USB Memory Drive
WSN-569 Diamond Jewelry USB Memory
WSN-568 jewelry USB Stick with Necklace style
WSN-567 Necklace Style thumb drive with diamond
WSN-566 Diamond jewelry USB Flash Disk
WSN-565 jewelry USB Flash Drive
WSN-564 Diamond Mini USB 2.0 Flash Memory
WSN-563 jewelry USB Flash Drive with Flower
WSN-562 jewelry USB Flash Memory with nice
WSN-561 Diamond USB Flash Stick with necklace
Wsn-687 Heart Shape Diamond USB Drive
Wsn-686 Colorful Shiny Diamond USB Disk
Wsn-685 Colorful round Diamond USB
Wsn-684 Beautiful Tag Diamond USB
Wsn-683 Beautiful Diamond USB Memory
Wsn-682 dangler Diamond USB Drive
Wns-681 Basket Diamond USB Drive
Wns-680 Hello Kitty Diamond USB Stick
Wsn-679 Mickey Jewerly USB Stick
Wsn-678 Mickey Diamond USB Flash Stick
Wsn-677 Duck shape Diamond USB Flash
Wsn-676 Dog Shape Diamond USB Flash Disk
Wsn-675 dangler Diamond USB Flash
Wsn-674 shiny Diamond USB Flash Disk
wsn-673 Beatles Shape Diamond USB Drive
Wsn-672 Skull Diamond USB Disk
Wsn-671 Tag shape Diamond USB Drive
Wsn-670 Cartoon Shape Diamonds USB Memory
Wsn-669 Heart Lock shape Jewelry USB
Wsn-668 Flip shape Jewelry USB Memory
Wsn-667 Rabbit shape Jewelry USB Memory
wsn-666 Doll shape Jewelry USB Drive
Wsn-665 Doll Shape Jewelry USB Drive
Wsn-664 Deisn Jewelry USB Memory
Wsn-663 Deisn Jewelry USB Flash Drive
Wsn-662 XO Bottle Jewelry USB Flash Drive
Wsn-661 Rose Jewelry USB Flash Disk
wsn-660 Heart shape Jewelry USB Flash Disk
Wsn-659 Sword Jewelry USB Flash Memory
Wsn-658 Owl Jewelry USB Flash Disk
wsn-657 Owl Jewelry USB Flash Memory
Wsn-656 Lively fish Jewelry USB Flash Disk
Wsn-655 Lock Jewelry USB Flash Memory
wsn-654 Leaves Jewelry USB Flash drives
wsn-653 Cross Jewelry USB Flash Memory
WSN-652 Skull Shape Jewelry USB Flash Disk
WSN-651 Flower shape Jewelry USB Flash Drive
WSN-650 Tauren Jewelry USB Flash Disk
WSN-649 Gourd Jewelry USB Flash Memory
WSN-648 Fruit Jewelry USB Flash Memory
WSN-647 Heart-key -shaped Jewelry USB
WSN-646 Heart-shaped Jewelry USB Flash
WSN-645 gold heart shape Jewelry USB Flash
WSN-644 heart Jewelry USB Disk
WSN-643 square Jewelry USB Drives
WSN-642 lady bag shape Jewelry USB Memory
WSN-641 tempting Jewelry USB Flash
WSN-640 hare shape Jewelry USB Flash Drive
WSN-972 Beautiful USB Flash Disk
WSN-930 Blink USB
WSN-929 Blink USB Stick
WSN-928 Blink USB Memory
WSN-927 Blink USB Memory Disk
WSN-926 Blink USB Disk
WSN-925 Blink USB Drive
WSN-924 Blink USB Memory Drive
WSN-923 Blink USB Memory
WSN-922 Blink USB Memory Disk
WSN-921 Blink USB Disk
WSN-920 Blink USB Memory
WSN-919 Blink USB Drive
WSN-918 Blink USB Stick
WSN-917 Blink USB Memory
WSN-918 Blink USB Flash Memory
WSN-917 Blink USB Flash Drive
WSN-916 Blink USB Flash Disk
WSN-915 Blink USB Flash
WSN-914 Blink USB Disk
WSN-913 Fashionable Jewellry USB Drives
WSN-912 Blink USB Drive
WSN-911 Jewellry Memory Pen Drives
WSN-910 Crystal USB 2.0 Memory
WSN-909 Blingbling Flash Memory Stick
WSN-908 Cross Blink USB Stick
WSN-907 PopularBlink USB Flash Stick
WSN-906 Blink USB Stick
WSN-905 Blink USB Drive
WSN-904 Blink USB Drive
WSN-903 Blink USB Disk
WSN-902 Blink USB Memory Flash
WSN-901 Blink USB Memory
WSN-900 Metal USB Drives
WSN-899 Swivel Diamond USB Disk
WSN-898 Diamond USB 2.0 Disk
WSN-897 Hart Diamond USB Memory Drives
WSN-896 Colorful Crystal USB 2.0 Flash Drive
WSN-895 Cute Diamond USB Pen Drive
WSN-894 Jewellry Memry Stick
WSN-893 Diamond Flash USB Flash Stick
WSN-892 Blingbling Pen USB Drive
WSN-891 Diamond Flash Drive
WSN-890 Slim Diamond Flash Disks
WSN-889 Diamond USB Flash Disk
WSN-888 Diamond USB Flash Drive
WSN-887 Diamond USB Drive
WSN-886 Diamond USB Memory Flash
WSN-939 Blink Gift USB Drive
WSN-938 Blink Gift USB Flash Drive
WSN-937 Blink Gift USB Memory
WSN-936 Blink Lovely USB Memory
WSN-935 Blink Lovely USB Drive
WSN-934 Blink Lovely USB Disk
WSN-933 Blink Lovely USB
WSN-932 Blink Lovely USB Memory
WSN-988 Beautiful USB Disk
WSN-987 Beautiful USB
WSN-986 Beautiful USB Memory
WSN-985 Beautiful USB 2.0 Disk
WSN-984 Beautiful USB Drive
WSN-983 Beautiful USB 2.0
WSN-982 Beautiful USB 2.0 Flash
WSN-981 Beautiful USB 2.0 Flash Disk
WSN-980 Beautiful USB 2.0 Flash Drive
WSN-979 Beautiful USB Drive Disk
WSN-978 Beautiful USB Drive
WSN-977 Beautiful USB Disk
WSN-976 Beautiful USB Memory
WSN-975 Beautiful USB Memory Disk
WSN-974 Beautiful USB Memory Drive
WSN-973 Beautiful USB
WSN-971 Beautiful USB Flash
WSN-970 Beautiful USB Flash Drive
WSN-969 Fashion USB Flash
WSN-968 Fashion USB Flash Stick
WSN-967 Fashion USB Flash Memory
WSN-966 Fashion USB Flash Disk
WSN-965 Fashion USB Flash Drive
WSN-964 Fashion USB Drive
WSN-963 Fashion USB Disk
WSN-962 Fashion USB Memory
WSN-961 Blink Gift USB Memory
WSN-960 Blink Gift USB Stick
WSN-959 Blink Gift USB Flash
WSN-958 Blink Gift USB Drive
WSN-957 Blink Gift USB Memory
WSN-956 Blink Gift USB Flash
WSN-955 Blink Gift USB 2.0
WSN-954 Blink Gift USB 2.0 Disk
WSN-953 Blink Gift USB 2.0 Memory
WSN-952 Blink Gift USB 2.0 Memory
WSN-951 Blink Gift USB 2.0 Drive
WSN-950 Blink Gift USB 2.0 Disk
WSN-949 Blink Gift USB Drive Disk
WSN-948 Blink Gift USB Drive
WSN-947 Blink Gift USB Stick
WSN-946 Blink Gift USB Memory
WSN-945 Blink Gift USB Disk
WSN-944 Blink Gift USB Drive
WSN-943 Blink Gift USB Disk
WSN-942 Blink Gift USB Disk
WSN-941 Blink Gift USB Memory
WSN-940 Blink Gift USB Dis
Name : Ipad
Model : 001
Color : black/white/blue
Brand : Samsung
Made : china
Input : china
Output : china
Weight : china
Size : china
Circle life : china
Certication : china
Price : $90
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