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Led Flashing Glass
Equipment and the premium for food and bars Premium Pub & Restaurant is a tray bar mat, bar runner,LED Glasss, glass color changing, glowing ice bucket. And chic for decoration Pub & Restaurant.
LED Glass 001
LED Glass 002
LED Glass 003
LED Glass 004
LED Glass 005
LED Glass 006
LED Glass 007
LED Glass 008
LED Glass009
LED Glass0010
LED Glass0011
LED Glass0012
LED Glass0013
LED Glass0014
LED Glass0015
LED Glass0016
LED Glass 0015
LED Glass 0016
LED Glass 0017
LED Glass 0018
Name : Ipad
Model : 001
Color : black/white/blue
Brand : Samsung
Made : china
Input : china
Output : china
Weight : china
Size : china
Circle life : china
Certication : china
Price : $90
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